Les Nubians release their EPK for their New Album “Nu Revolution”. Watch as the sisters explore their own evolution, inspirations as well as the purpose behind the beautiful new sound.

The sisters also touch on their new home Brooklyn, what exactly attracted them to the universally know borough. Showing us that becoming world citizens is no longer an option and they have embraced it wholeheartedly.

Listen to “Nu Revolution” the album Here.

Les Nubians: Interviewed by The Shrine

After a great performance in Chicago Les Nubians Sit down and speak to The Shrine about many of the conversations that occurred around their new album “Nu Revolution”

Issues of identity have always been prevalent in the image and dialogues of artist that are international not only musically but also by birth and life experiences. Les Nubians discuss what it is to be AfroEuropean? And how they came to find  themselves in the Diaspora that is our history.

You can also find the ladies explaining the approach of the “Nu Revolution” in a new light. How dancing played a big part in the healing but also the evolution of their music.

Listen to the “Nu Revolution” Here.


Les Nubians Hit the Big Screen! Recently featured in “The Furious Force of Rhymes” The WINNER of the HARLEM INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL – Best World Documentary. The film is currently on tour and will be having a screening in no other place then Les Nubians new home Brooklyn, New York September 23rd @8PM.



FRIDAY Sept. 23rd @ 8pm

at the First Spanish Church (FSP)

161 South 3rd Street (off Driggs Avenue)

Brooklyn, NY


“Traveling through four continents and six countries, The Furious Force of Rhymes is a fascinating look at Hip Hop as trans-national protest music.  Over the course of the eighty-five minute voyage, the viewer encounters characters as diverse as marginalized French Africans, Israeli Jews, East German skinhead punks, Palestinian MC’s and West African feminists, all of whom share a common musical language.  Originating from the ghettos of New York, Rap has found adherents in every country in the world.  Recognizing themselves in the oppression of U.S. Blacks, people everywhere have adapted the American street music to their own causes.”

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~Brooklyn Screening: Sep 23rd, 2011.


The Beautiful duo Helen and Celia Faussart AKA Les Nubians were recently featured in the New York Times Women’s Fashion “Nightie Aphrodites” Along Side critically growing artist such as Corrine Bailey Rae and Solange Knowles. The Ladies clearly convey the essence of their new Album “Nu Revolution”, a combination of strength, growth and evolution as women and world citizens participating in shaping the 21st century. The Nu Revolution is no longer a dream.

You cannot deny the classic beauty these ladies hold, while grasping roots that have shaped their music and life. The Examiner had it right when they titled their interview with the ladies “ From Princesses to QUEENS”.

Stay tuned as the Nu Revolution Progresses and tries to reach the masses from radio, to shows, interviews and the conscience mind of those wiling to listen.