We are glad to announce the UP CLOSE & PERSONAL TOUR in California !

An intimate acoustic performance with visuals and story telling.

Discover the origins of Les NUBIANS.

Afropean, Urban, R&B Grammy-nominated duo LES NUBIANS is composed of sisters Hélène and Célia Faussart from Paris France & Cameroon.


Petaluma, California
The Stone House – Nevada City, CA – 107 Sacramento St, Nevada City, CA 95959
Oakland, California
Solana Beach, California
mer 19:30 PDT
Carson, California

Quote of Up Close & Personal Tour : “A touch of universal love was permeating the atmosphere. The set was flawless. Everybody was geared to the beat of their narration, nothing was out of bounce, out of step, or out of synch. From funky moods, afro beat or French infused soul to pure mellow cool blue Jazz, a real panorama of world music in the black.”

By Manu Di FeliciAntonio

Les Nubians – Highline Ballroom NYC. June 27th 2017

8 pm. The room had plunged in semi-darkness as a voice came out of the speakers and words appear on the screen at the back of the stage. Sounds and colors were descending on my consciousness, or our common consciousness, I should said – I felt like I was invited to an experience that would be memorable at least and great at best. We were forty seconds into the audio and visual display, and here they were dramatically entering the premises, walking gracefully, placing themselves strategically at the front of the stage, seating on chairs next to each other as they were setting the tone for something special, intimate and very close to me, the spectator. They were radiating with mesmerizing flowing outfits reminiscing of a regal past that they were about to share with their audience. Celia and Helene Faussart, the sisters, had also brought along three extraordinary gifted musicians that night. A keyboard player, A bass player, and a drummer, percussionist. The show began. 

And what a show it was!  The concept was clear from the beginning – Helene started speaking of her father and her mother, and how they were conceived out of love at the crossroads of so many tales of immigrants, one mother from Cameroon, Africa, working as a nurse in Paris, and an older Jewish father from the north of France, who could not resist the love that he discovered in the presence of this young African Queen. So, here they went, back to the motherland, and made a family. As Celia and Helene ended that beginning chapter of their inception, a song was born, and I understood that I was witnessing more than just a concert with a track list – I was witnessing the birth of the story of a musical odyssey, that will lead those two beautiful and gifted sisters from the  land of their birth, to a nomination to a Grammy award, via the French cities of Bordeaux, and Marseilles – Three worlds in one really, as the self named Afro-pean queens had now entered global consciousness. As the songs were introduced by segments of their lives, the music became more present as it was becoming clear to me that I was about to hear some of their pivotal tunes, material that was illustrating these chapters of Les Nubians epic journey. And of course, as the trio was accompanying the two singers, it made sense now, that this was the only way to be invited in – magically hypnotized by this lit visual backdrop and these five figures projected like shadows upon the shores of our dreams. I was open now to any tale, any story, anything that Helene and Celia was sharing with us was “game” that night. The only thing missing was a fire and tribal elders surrounding them and us. I was totally taken by the words of these modern griots. Time to time, I popped my head to look for an horn that I was hearing, but it was just the expert fingers of that keyboard player who definitely knew the alchemy of synthesized notes. We were cruising by now, as the time was running on the clock, the story became more heroic and meaningful for all of us I thought – A touch of universal love was permeating the atmosphere. The set was flawless. Everybody was geared to the beat of their narration, nothing was out of bounce, out of step, or out of synch. From funky moods,  afro beat or French infused soul to pure mellow cool blue Jazz, a real panorama of world music in the black. The percussionist reminded me of “John” from the legendary group assembled by Miles Davis post TUTU, and the man with the bass had the strength of what I call the quiet wall. An indestructible support of all the keys, like he’s right there but he can not be seen. 

Two hours later, what? Two hours? He felt like two minutes. I was shocked when I looked at the time. It was after 10 PM and the show was over. Showered by encores they came back for another chapter. But wait… This was their next thing, their Detroit experience. And it sounded huge. It Sounded like…  Just go, and you won’t miss a beat. 



Come and Join us for an intimate musical and visual experience with us: An acoustic performance featuring Live Visuals and story telling to discover the inner world of Les Nubians.

Additional Show June 27th @ HIGHLINE BALLROOM in NYC !!!!

LN_upclose_tour (1)



Dear Les Nubians Friends & Family

To celebrate our 20 years band anniversary, we are working on new material for an upcoming special EP Release !

Recording now in between Detroit, NYC, Paris, Cameroon … It’s cooking slowly but surely.

Here is a hint of a song written for YOU.

Special Greetings for our 20 years love relationship with you all.


Thanks for the Love.

And more is coming.


Les Nubians



©Marc Baptist

We are very pleased to announce our 4 month residency at the Brooklyn Bowl in Brooklyn NY as part of the Mo’ Beat Mondays concert series! Les Nubians will be headlining the first Monday of each month beginning in February 2015 as well as assisting in curating the support talent for each event.

2015 marks the 20th year of Les Nubians!!

As a gift to our fans, we welcome you to celebrate and dance to the classic hits as well as brand new music and many surprises. Brooklyn is a place close to our hearts as we have called it home now for some years and grown within the community there. We hope to see many of you there and cannot thank you enough for your continued support throughout the years!

Mo’ Beat Mondays Dates

Feb 2 / March 2 / April 6 / May 4 – 2015

Tickets are only $12.00!!!! 


Hello dear fans & friends……..

We know it has been a while since we last updated our news so here goes. 2013 has been fabulous thus far! Les Nubians just returned from several amazing shows on the U.S. west coast including Seattle, Oakland, San Francisco and the Irie Reggae on the River in Garberville. It is always so nice to re visit places that feel like home to us and see old and new friends alike. We want to extend a HUGE thanks to all that came out to our shows.

Over the July 4th weekend we performed at the legendary Essence festival in New Orleans LA at the Superdome alongside artists like Beyonce, Brandy, LL Cool Jay and so many others. It had been a while since we were in New Orleans and we hope to return soon!

On that same July 4th weekend, Les Nubians performed at Celebrate Brooklyn to an enormous and energetic crowd. Brooklyn is where we now call home and we could not have been more thrilled to play for you all on such a beautiful evening! We added some photos from our night in Brooklyn below.

“We love Les Nubians! What a fabulous show they put on, truly spoke to all of Brooklyn and they were all such a joy to work with…a true pleasure to host them on our stage at Celebrate Brooklyn!” – Dianne Eber, Celebrate Brooklyn

On the horizon………Please come see us this September as we have a string of dates in Alexandria VA, Minneapolis MN & Chicago IL. We will be performing at some wonderful rooms. We also have a show that will be announced very soon back in NYC so do stay tuned!

Enjoy these images from Celebrate Brooklyn and we are looking forward to seeing you down the road!

Love Hélene, Célia and the Nubians crew! xxxooo

All photos courtesy of: Ryan Muir